Evergreen Union School District is a three-school district located in northern Tehama County. We cover a geographic area of approximately 500 square miles and our northern boundary is the Shasta-Tehama County line. We are bordered on the east by the Sacramento River and on the west by the Shasta, Trinity and Tehama boundary. The school district is a kindergarten through eighth grade. We also have two state pre-schools and run a home-school program. Approximately 1,000 students are enrolled in the programs noted.

Our vision statement is "All Children Can Learn and We Make the Difference." What we mean by this is that every student is capable of learning, but it is the responsibility of the school system to ensure that the student has that opportunity to realize his/her potential and that we never give up until we find the right combination for learning to take place. In short, that is the reason that we are in the business. Our success or failure is measured by student learning.