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Bend Elementary School


The Bend community is a small community centered around our quintessential small rural school. Surrounded by BLM land, the Sacramento River and rich farmland, the Bend District offers a safe, wholesome environment reminiscent of years gone by.

Evergreen Elementary School


In addition to our outstanding staff, excellent test scores and low class sizes, Evergreen Elementary offers music and physical education to all students; a supportive and generous community; and most importantly, outstanding students.

Evergreen Middle School


Every student is capable of learning, but it is the responsibility of the school system to ensure that the student has that opportunity to realize his/her potential and that we never give up until we find the right combination for learning to take place.

Now accepting applications for the 2018/2019 school year! Call 347-3411 ext 7507.

We are a little country preschool located on our beautiful Evergreen Elementary School campus. We are a co-mingled state preschool where we offer both state and private paid options. We pride ourselves in meeting the needs of every child. We focus on the “whole” child: engaging students in activities that build cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills. We encourage active participation during our preschool daily journey of literacy, hands-on learning in language and math, exploration and play time, both inside and outside, building fine and large motor skills. In addition, we emphasize positive character traits that will empower our preschoolers to be good citizens and little leaders.

Before and after school care.

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Evergreen Schools are just wonderful. My two sons attended both the elementary school and the middle school. We chose to stay here in Northern California instead of moving back to the Bay Area because of these great schools. The extra time the teachers are willing to spend with the kids is unmatched at any other school that I've seen. They spend countless hours not only on their teachings but also on the extracurricular activities like baseball, basketball and the Nasa program just to name a few. I would be remiss if I failed to mention the after school and morning daycare programs led by Sue Brown. It is on the school grounds and offers a safe and positive environment for our children to do homework and have play time. In addition to receiving a solid education the students also find guidance, discipline and love from the teachers and support staff. Yes I said love which might seem like an odd thing to say but the staff at Evergreen does love our kids and it shows!

Cyndee Banister
Cyndee Banister


Evergreen has exemplary teachers with a true passion for the kids. I can rest easy knowing that they care for our son and others as much as we do. Thank you for supporting our family and our community.

Tanya Spalti
Tanya Spalti

Evergreen School District fosters a positive learning environment for my children. They have learned to become confident, knowledgeable and enthusiastic students. The foundation of the school’s success lies within the infrastructure. At Evergreen all levels of staff including support staff are integral to the success of our children. The administration robustly supports their teaching staff and that translates to efficient education of the students. The music program rounds out our students and makes them unique to many other school districts. Finally, the anti-bully and cooperative culture really makes Evergreen standout as an top-notch educational establishment. Ever friendly, ever pure, Evergreen.

Curtis Chow
Curtis Chow

Evergreen Middle School.......`` The epitome of professionalism, kindness, and education all wrapped into one `` My family's personal experience with Evergreen will always be remembered. We moved to Cottonwood the summer our son completed sixth grade. Mrs. Ross and her staff welcomed us with open arms.....gave us a complete tour of the school & introduced us to various faculty members. Evergreen cares about their students and their success.......You are not just another number being pushed through the system. If your children are blessed enough to attend Evergreen, as a family, you will be investing in a solid decision towards their future `` ..........D. Metzger - Mother of student that graduated from Evergreen!!!

Deanna Metzger
Deanna Metzger